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Is Your Super in the Right Hands?

500,000+ Australians have turned to self-managed super funds. If you’re frustrated with underperforming industry and retail funds that have poor flexibility or transparency, it’s the smart way to take control of your financial destiny.

Flexibility. Transparency. Control.

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The Smart Way
to Invest

Gain greater investment flexibility, like borrowing to invest in residential and commercial property, collectibles, term deposits, and direct shares.

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You Make
the Decisions

You have a say in the direction your fund takes. Including investments, how much risk is taken, and when returns are withdrawn and shared amongst the members.

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Save on Costs

The cost of a self-managed super fund is often lower than administrative fees of public funds. Especially when the balance is above $200,000. You can combine your super with your partner to save on costs.

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Increased Leverage

With the ability to borrow to invest in property, plus unique tax concessions, self-managed super funds can grow quickly and potentially achieve your retirement savings targets sooner.

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Tax minimisation
and control

With a tax rate of just 15% and tax efficiencies, you pay as little tax as possible. Plus you pay zero Capital Gains Tax when assets are sold after you turn 60.

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Tailored Insurance
& Asset protection

Insurance policies – life, income protection and total and permanent disability –tailored to members’ needs and situations. And a self-managed fund also protects from litigation and bankruptcy.

What Does It Take to Manage
Your Own Super?

Managing your own fund is one of the savviest decisions you can make. But it’s a big responsibility. Not just keeping it healthy, but abiding by the law. You need to partner with the right professional to help you meet your requirements, including:

  • Maintaining records for 10 years
  • Managing contributions
  • Investing within the law
  • Valuing assets
  • Opening and managing bank accounts
  • Preparing financial statements
  • Performing audits and making lodgements
  • Paying levies and tax
  • Ensuring minimum payments
  • Keeping payment summaries

Ready to take control of your financial future?

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Only a Licensed Specialist Can
Recommend a Self-Managed Super Fund

Self-managed super funds are complex. That’s why only an accredited Financial Planner can recommend
them to you. At Assure Wealth, we can not only make the recommendation but save you endless hours of

Join Financially-Savvy People Taking Control
of their Future…


"Throughout my dealings with Pat I found him to be honest, straight-talking and knowledgeable and I would recommend his services to other successful business owners who are looking for a Financial Planner."


Matthew, Business Owner
age 38, married with three young children, Sydney

Advising Over 1000 Australians through
13+ Years’ Experience


“Self-managed super funds provide far greater control, transparency and security. Simply, you don’t have to put your money in the hands of big retail funds. For couples with $200,000 combined in super, with the right financial guidance, it’s the smart decision to make.”

Pat Casey Assure Wealth, Managing Director

Fixed Fees. No Kickbacks. No Hidden Fees

We do things a little differently at Assure Wealth. Our pricing is based on value we add, not an ever-growing percentage of what we invest. Fair, transparent pricing that gets you a return on your investment.

Discover the top 10 reasons to manage your own super

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