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Accelerate Your Family’s Wealth

Whether you’re wanting to retire early, start a business, buy an investment property or simply maximise cash flow, a dedicated wealth creation strategy helps your family reach your individual financial goals.

It’s About the Whole Life Picture. Not Just Finances


Your super balance is growing – what should you do with it next? We’ll help you make the right decision that sets you up later in life.

Tax Optimisation

You could be paying more tax than you need to. Get a tax-efficient financial structure that minimises tax and accelerates your wealth accumulation.


Get personal insurance that protects your family if two incomes suddenly become one due to illness, injury or death. Invaluable peace of mind.

Financial Planning

Wealth creation, investment portfolios, protecting your assets – a fully mapped out financial plan to meet your wealth goals.

Estate Planning

Know your family’s protected in the event of the unthinkable. Wills, asset distribution and protection, and power of attorney safeguard your children’s future.

Money Management

Get the most out of your family income and pay down mortgage, car and credit card debt quickly. Plus pinpoint surplus money that can be put toward improving your future lifestyle.

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Book Your 'Financial Jump Start' 15-Minute Phone Call

• Your 'Jump Start' call is a 15 minute, no obligation, free phone call with our Financial Planner Patrick Casey where you discuss your current financial situation - what's working and what's not

• We'll discuss any burning financial issues or questions you have

• We will identify what's holding you back from achieving your financial goals, plus identify any financial 'blind spots' you may not be aware of

• We can give you a tailored action plan and lay out the next steps

• Whatever your situation — you’re going to leave clear, confident and excited about taking your financial success to the next level.

Why Do You Need Financial Advice?

As the kids grow and life keeps getting busier, it’s easy for your wealth strategy to be overlooked. Dedicated financial advice gives your family a plan for the future – and makes sure you avoid dangerous financial blind spots.

What Can a Financial Planner do for You?

Just Some of the Australian Families Already
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"Throughout my dealings with Pat I found him to be honest, straight-talking and knowledgeable and I would recommend his services to other successful business owners who are looking for a Financial Planner."

Matthew, Business Owner
age 38, married with three young children, Sydney

Advising Over 1000 Australians through
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“With a young family of my own, I know nothing’s more important than their future. At Assure Wealth, we help you achieve your financial goals faster, more easily and with more certainty than doing it yourself.”

Pat Casey Assure Wealth, Managing Director

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